24 New Remote Work Tools of February 2020


Remote work tools and technology is the number one enabler of remote working. Over 10,000 remote job seekers liked our best remote jobs of February 2020 post so we decided to share the February issue of our remote work tool reviews. Enjoy!

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In this post, you will find the best/new remote work tools under six categories.

  1. Virtual Presence Tools
  2. Collaboration Tools
  3. Communication Tools
  4. Data & Management Tools
  5. Meeting Tools
  6. Unplugging Tools

Virtual Presence Tools


Work Remotely Side-by-Side - Try Sococo

Sococo is the best virtual presence tool for remote teams. It is bringing a sense of togetherness into remote working with its integration features regardless of the team size.

Visit Sococo Website


Pragli Logo

Pragli is a well-designed virtual office/communication/presence tool which allows multiple screen sharing in group meetings.

Visit Pragli Website


Tonari was on my watchlist for some time now, due to tough hardware challenges of what they are trying to achieve, they’re moving a little slow.

Visit Tonari Website


Unremot Logo

UnRemot is a new virtual presence and team collaboration tool which gives remote managers more access to remote team members.

Visit UnRemot Website


Virbela Logo

This is one of the most interesting tools I’ve reviewed so far, bringing MMO gaming experience to remote work and offering a whole new 3d world for remote teams.

Visit VirBELA Website


PukkaTeam is a very interesting product for early-stage remote startups. Do you have a small crew trying to build an MVP, working on a very tight schedule? This might be a good choice for you.

Visit PukkaTeam Website

Remote Collaboration Tools


ntile logo

Ntile is a simple decision and task management platform where you can organize tables, tasks, and processes in it.

Visit nTile Website


Carrot is aiming for becoming a knowledge-centric team collaboration tool for remote teams.

Visit Carrot Website


Slite is offering a collaborative knowledge base for remote teams. They’re offering many integrations with other services holding tasks data.

Visit Slite Website


TeamHub Logo

TeamHub is an innovative tool removing the barriers of remote work for software engineers. It’s taking an existing codebase on your IDE and turning it into a collaborative workspace

Visit TeamHub Website


Specs and playbooks are essential for remote work at scale. Getting on the same page is one of the primary challenges of remote work.

Visit Collusion Website

Remote Communication Tools


Playgroup might be a good choice for those who are sick and tired of hundreds of Slack messages and notifications. It offers a unique way of getting on the same page with your remote team members.

Visit Playgroup Website


Tandem is offering continuous sync communication for remote teams, providing instant messaging, audio calls, screen sharing, and activity stream for small teams. Its video communications engine is working surprisingly well for such a small company.

Visit Tandem Website


YAC Logo

Yac is interesting for a couple of reasons, it is offering an async communication suite for remote teams. It is cross-platform and extremely easy to use.

Visit YAC Website

Telescoped Logo and Review

Telescoped has a unique approach to video communication, I can see it being used as an async video-mail or customer-facing lead generation form.

Visit Telescoped Website

Remote Data & Management Tools


Dashdash is aiming for connecting publicly available data on the web with spreadsheets. Imagine, wouldn’t it be great if you could only write a formula like =CrunchbaseCompanies() and get all the available fields required for your analysis?

Visit Dashdash Website


jell logo

Jell is a goal-tracking platform supported by daily standups and OKRs. Business legend Andy Grove is considered to be the father of Objectives and Key Results framework. Jell is a well-designed simple tool for staying on the same page for remote teams. Jell is integrated with Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Visit Jell Website


How do we submit x form? How do we do this and that… Knowhow is aiming for eliminating all these questions and time waste.

Visit KnowHow Website


elin logo

Elin is one of the most interesting AI startups I’ve seen recently. They are aiming for mining slack conversations of your company and update you with a rich data set.

Visit Elin Website


RemoteTeam is offering an all-in-one remote management suite, primarily for the US remote companies. This tool is offering payroll automation and automation of tax filing for both employers and employees.

Visit RemoteTeam Website

Remote Meeting Tools


calendly logo

Once a remote company grows over 100 headcounts, meetings can start to get tricky. Exchanging more than 4-5 emails -only for setting a 30 mins meeting- is a waste of time. Calendly is a great solution for getting everyone on the same page.

Visit Calendly Website


Useless, ASAP and boring meetings are poison. Just like many of you, I also hate nonsense meetings with no clear agenda, producing tons of questions and not any actionable items. Meetingbird is fixing that.

Visit Meetingbird Website


teamworki logo

Teamworki is trying to add value to remote meetings. It’s a place where you can track the morale of your team after running 1:1 or group meetings.

Visit Teamworki Website

Remote Unplugging Tools


My first off-work, remote worker-friendly tool review is Sofa. Remote working is not easy, it’s definitely not taking a sip from your mojito next to a pool with your laptop as it’s pictured in Google image search. Remote working is an ass flattening experience so unplugging is equally important for your long-term performance. Sofa is aiming to help remote workers organize their off-work time and relax in a well-planned way.

Visit Sofa Website

WorkRemote How-to-Series

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