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6 New Remote Work Tools of the Week


I’ve never thought the remote work is going to be enforced by a terrible virus. Great events like SXSW are getting canceled, companies like Twitter and Facebook encouraging their employees to work from home until further notice. This wasn’t how I imagined remote working going mainstream. This content series is serving as a radar for new tools for remote working.

If you don’t have a remote job, checking out the best remote jobs for the first week of March might help.

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Remote Work Tools of the Week

Riverside is a unique product with multi-host video and audio streaming and recording features. It is bringing radio-like engagement features such as waiting room, video, and audio guest comments which could be super useful for building a vibrant community online.

Riverside is charging $39/month for radio-like features and three hours of live streaming to social media for starters. I think it’s worth giving a try.

SafetyWing’s Remote Health

I’m a big believer in market dynamics and I admire how fast companies are in offering easier, useful tools to remote companies. Insurance was one of the main discussions while I was talking to over 400 senior software engineers in emerging markets.

If your company is new to remote work and trying to figure out how to make it work, this remote work tailored insurance service can be useful. Their pricing is based on the number of employees and employee locations.

Thanks for Andrea Rosales for pinging me about this.


Jandi is yet another remote team collaboration tool with a very competitive feature set, integrations, and pricing.

As your remote team grows, organizing discussions, files, managing access and automation becomes a real need. As far as I could see, Jandi has what it takes to be your central collaboration space.


Shipped is a lightweight/automated project collaboration and task management tool for remote teams that you might want to use if you are using Slack.

Shipped is offering speed and ease for turning your Slack discussions into action items. I couldn’t find any pricing information on their website.


In all of the pro sports, slo-mo analysis is important for making decisions and understanding what really happened. Today’s customer journey is not slower than pro sports, due to the high volume and frequency of events.

FullStory is offering a “slow-motion camera” for understanding your customer behavior and offering a better experience.

They are offering a free plan which is more than enough for starters. I’m a big fan of marketing tech, you should give it a try.

WorkRemote Watchlist

Konf is going beyond video communication which is a highly saturated space in the remote work. Instead, they are building an easy to use online event management tool.

Some may not understand the importance of this function today but going forward, we’re going to see companies doing almost all of the 1toMany interactions using video conferencing. Sales, Recruitment, Education, Social Responsibility, Internal Communication, I mean everything.

Some of the tools in this space will come forward with engagement features and conversion-related integrations. They are still building this tool so I’m sharing it in our watchlist section.

‘How to’ Remote Work Content Series

Do you know a new tool solving a problem for remote workers or remote-first companies? Contact us here for getting it reviewed in the next episodes of this blog series.

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  1. Have you guys remote working tools like R-HUB web video conferencing and remote support servers, Webex, Logmein, Gotomeeting etc.? They work well and are widely used by businesses globally.

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