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6 New Remote Work Tools of the Week


Remote work can get very busy leaving no time to discover new and useful remote tools for getting better as a team… Previously, this type of content was private emails between our Editor Andy Tryba and me, now they serve as a radar for new and interesting tools for remote teams.

Remote work isn’t easy. The key driver of remote work going mainstream isn’t freedom and fun, it is the ability to deliver higher quality results in a much higher volume compared to office work. This is what motivates founders found remote-first companies that are enabling more capital for less fortunate talent around the world.

If you don’t have a remote job, checking out the best remote jobs of February might help.

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Remote Work Tools of the Week

Humble Dot

Humble Dot Logo

Humble Dot is aiming for owning all of your remote meetings including 1:1s and daily standups. While it is offering a platform that helps remote team members getting on the same page, I think the real value they’re offering is the meeting templates. Most of the remote teams are failing to leverage meetings in full.

They have a pretty good free package, I’ll go ahead and assume it will be free forever. You’ll have to pay $8/user/month for more advanced security and integration features. They also have an enterprise package.


Roadmap Logo

Roadmap is a compact task prioritization and timeline visualization tool with some useful integration features. I loved the design and simplicity of this product.

They don’t have a free package, for ‘personal’ plan you will have to pay $9/month which is quite high compared to other tools with similar features. Their ‘team plan’ is $19/month which can be more useful for a remote team of 4-5.


Height Logo

Height is a lightweight, real-time task management tool for remote teams. I liked the simplicity of this tool and the task-centric chat features.

They are currently in closed beta and say they are offering a free package. I don’t have any pricing information yet but I can see the value this product has to offer can grow exponentially with the integration features.

Give it a try.


Dovetail Logo

Dovetail is a revolutionary tool for a couple of reasons; I’ve witnessed great ideas, research and deep-dive data worth hundreds of thousands of dollars getting lost between emails and slack messages in my career.

Async communication is great in remote teams and every single team might have different priorities but you need a single/collaborative source of truth when it comes to product and process improvement. Dovetail is offering a dedicated space for research findings and this space has unique features for turning these insights into action items so you never lose them again.

I’m sorry but the price is irrelevant at this point. You should definitely give it a try.


Relate Logo

I think the massive header text in Relate’s website stands for itself: “Design and develop at the same time”

It is going beyond highly popular collaborative design tools with rich cloud storage features and offering a cool editor next to design features so you can design/develop your products on a single screen, avoiding all the communication gaps.

They have a decent free package and also offering sweet discounts for pre-order. You should give it a try if you are sick of losing value between design and implementation.

WorkRemote Watchlist


Retool is no-code on steroids. Extremely flexible platform for building internal or customer-facing tools, automation and integrations on the cloud.

I personally enjoy coding my way out of automation challenges thanks to python but this tool is something else. It is offering a great amount of speed for MVP.

Retool is worth adding to your watchlist based on overwhelmingly positive social media feedback.

‘How to’ Remote Work Content Series

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