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Building Trust in the Remote Work at Scale


Doist is a fully remote company having a headcount of 68 and two SaaS products. They usually publish high-quality content pieces around the remote working topic but this one about trust is missing insight on what is needed when your remote teams scale to hundreds or thousands.

While I agree that ‘hiring correctly’ and ‘culture of trust’ matter – you need to bring in automation and enforcement of trust at scale. And in an async world where people are working in their own time at their own location of choice (and also often on their own machines) – software to ensure folks are adhering to the company policies are needed to protect the enterprise. There is a reason why almost all F500 IT shops have their own PC images and mandatory security software – it’s to drive consistency in trust and security. Remote work at scale is the same.

I’m not saying treat people like criminals – I’m simply saying that using software and automation to detect potential leaks is critical. Sometimes these leaks are unintentional and sometimes they are bad seeds (the US Chamber of Commerce stated that 75% of employees have stolen from their employers and it’s not limited to entry-level positions). We have a full department to review fraud cases & risk issues – particularly for the lower-end, more transactional roles.

The good news is that these same software tools that drive trust also can be used to help drive better coaching discussions on productivity. The data sensors can help managers develop leading metrics to assist low performers, setup quicker feedback loops on work in progress, align tasks across team members better, etc. We need to leverage this power of ‘working in the cloud’ for all that we can leverage it for.

Don’t know where to start? This software stack can help.

Just like Doist, we are also big believers of remote working. And if remote working is going to be a global standard, remote companies need to be clear about what they are looking for from their employees. Driving trust and software enforcement tools are not evil and will be simply the new expectation for remote jobs.

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Andy Tryba
Andy is a technology optimist and the founder & CEO of Think3, Founder & CEO of Crossover, co-founder & CEO of RideAustin and the CEO of a variety of technology companies including Engine Yard, DNN Corp, Kayako, Bizness Apps, FogBugz, School Loop, Agemni, SLI Systems, and Sococo. Andy runs each of these companies with 100% remote talent – across all functions.

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