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Class A remote jobs selected this week


We hope you all had a good 2020 start! In this optimistic spirit, we are happy to share with you the Class A remote jobs we have selected this week. Either marketing, customer service or engineering, the top remote companies are looking for talent for full-time, 100% remote jobs.

ShortPoint – is looking for a Customer Support Assistant

ShortPoint is looking for an attentive, orderly and organized customer support assistant to join their young, flexible, quickly developing and highly motivated international team. This is a full-time remote position. Working hours and time zone: ~9 am to ~5 pm in timezones: GMT+3 to GMT+8

Fuze – is looking for a Principal Engineer- Real-Time Communications Services

The primary task of the Real-Time Communications team is to build the heart of the Fuze product — the software stacks that power the audio and video communications within their product.  This team works across both the client and backend stacks. Within this team, you will get exposure to a broad range of technologies and challenges.

Swappa – is looking for a Director of Marketing

Swappa is looking for a data-driven marketing strategist who can help drive more traffic, more commerce. The vast majority of the traffic is driven by organic search; Swappa continues to grow the reach with modern, aggressive content strategies. The vast majority of their commerce is driven by their marketplace; they will further supplement this with new affiliate revenues.

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