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[Infographic] Global Remote Work in 2020 Statistics


We recently launched an extensive survey for understanding the impacts of remote work on a global scale. After that, we started publishing survey results in real-time here as we promised full transparency. While we are still accepting participation, we couldn’t wait to share our initial numbers with an infographic with you.

We expect to help following groups with this public data in 2020:

  1. Startups building tools for remote teams and individuals (Bonus: Andreas Klinger built a nice tweet flood here with his predictions on what to expect from 2020)
  2. Companies hiring remote professionals
  3. Companies which are at a decision-making stage for going remote-first
  4. Service providers tailoring their services for the growing remote working population around the world
  5. Professionals who never worked remotely before and unaware of the potential

Global Remote Work in 2020 Infographic (v1.1)

Change Log

  • 1/4/20 – v1.1 – 100 more full-time remote workers participated so we updated the Global Remote Work 2020 infographic
Global Remote Work in 2020 Infographic by

Not happy with the data? Leave your mark by joining our survey and sharing it with your full-time remote working friends!

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