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Launching a Remote Company


Remote.co recently published a blog post on how to build a remote company. This blog post misses so many key points on how to launch a remote company – that I don’t know where to start. Yes – educating yourself on taxes, figuring out how you’re going to communicate, defining your culture and hiring is important – but that is not sufficient.

If you look at our ‘Scalable remote team stack’ – you’ll see a variety of additional considerations needed to start a scalable remote company – from vetting to payments to hour logs to trust to culture building tools and everything in between.

Here’s our scalable remote work software stack. Building scalable remote teams are a lot of work – let’s ensure everyone understands that – and not sugarcoating some utopia quick model…

A summary of their advice:

  1. First and foremost, figure out your “why”
  2. Educate yourself on the tax implications of a remote company and hiring remote workers
  3. Decide on communication methods upfront
  4. Build and define your remote company culture
  5. Hire the best people for a remote work environment

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Andy Tryba
Andy is a technology optimist and the founder & CEO of Think3, Founder & CEO of Crossover, co-founder & CEO of RideAustin and the CEO of a variety of technology companies including Engine Yard, DNN Corp, Kayako, Bizness Apps, FogBugz, School Loop, Agemni, SLI Systems, and Sococo. Andy runs each of these companies with 100% remote talent – across all functions.

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