Remote Managers Report 2020


As you might know, we are big fans of mapping out remote workers and understanding the behavior of our target audience for creating more useful content. We’ve started a research project early this year and built an infographic. Today, we’re happy to announce a new partnership with Remote-how for building the Remote Managers Report.

WorkRemote had hundreds of thousands of organic users, people who are managing remote teams, remote job seekers and remote work enthusiasts in only a few months from all around the world, primarily from the US.

The Remote Managers Report will help us understand the tools remote managers use, time management, contentment insights, and other behavioral facts.

You can join the Remote Managers survey by clicking here.

Remote-how is a platform powered by and for the community of leaders of distributed teams. It is an extensive education program for helping remote managers by curating the knowledge of the remote work community all around the world.

As WorkRemote, we are open to useful content projects like this and strongly suggest you take the survey if you are managing a remote team.

We are supporting this initiative along with many other remote-first companies:

Beyond research projects, we’ve created useful content pieces in the last few weeks:

Are you looking for content partnership opportunities with WorkRemote? Feel free to get in touch with us or ping us on Twitter.

Written by Sinan Ata, founder of Exceptionly, the remote software engineering talent acquisition engine.

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Sinan Ata
Founder of Exceptionly, the remote software engineering talent acquisition engine.

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