We’ve built multiple scalable remote companies and currently have over 4000 remote workers across 130 countries. Below is the ‘stack’ that we recommend – from hiring/vetting to remote team culture. It’s obviously not the only one you can build – but one that works for us and our professional remote community.

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Getting your remote team together

Find them on
  • Linkedin: Linkedin has over 575 million users, and are a well-oiled recruitment machine. More than half our candidate flow (20K applicants/week) is from this platform.
  • Crossover: Crossover helps build world class teams. They connect the most talented professionals in the world with unprecedented access to high-impact, high-paying roles.
Test them with
  • CCAT: CCAT is the short for Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test, one of the first level automated tests you can rely on.
  • Employee Personality Profile Test: Another great test for generating personality signals by Criteria corp. It can give you valuable signals before the candidate starts taking professional challenges.
Applicant Tracking System
  • Jobvite: Jobvite is the leading best-of-breed recruiting software that helps thousands of companies source, hire, and onboard top talent. Because when your talent pool is suddenly ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, you need to manage your applicants with a proper ATS.

Manage the remote team

Time & productivity tracker
  • TimeDoctor, WorkSmart: Everyone can be better at managing their time. Remote teams need to excel at this. Use one of these tools for tracking, reporting, and improving their performance. We use our own internal solution, but unfortunately, Crossover WorkSmart isn’t open to everyone (yet).

Communicate with the remote team

Virtual Office
  • Sococo: The only real virtual presence tool out there. Green dots on Mattermost or Slack isn’t virtual presence. Seeing your remote teammates sitting in the same virtual room as you, and what they are doing, is.
  • Zoom: The video-first approach means that a single click immediately connects you to your teammates. The ease of control and screen sharing features means that it’s a cinch to collaborate with. Get Zoom, it is head and shoulders above the competition.
Noise Cancellation
  • Krisp: Remote work environments are noisy. Kitchens, coffee shops, or home offices. Krisp gets rid of all background noise in voice communications. You can hear others, and they can hear you. Pure magic.
  • Mattermost: Open source alternative of Slack. Great software with endless integration opportunities.
  • Jostle: Jostle is an intranet that focuses on eliminating clutter. It’s that simple. When you manage a remote company with over 5,000 employees, the last thing you need is clutter. With Jostle, everything arrives in an organized, targeted way. That way it can be quickly found and understood.

Collaborate with the remote team in the cloud

Email, Drive
  • GSuite: Google Suite. You use it already. Enough said.
Async Standups
  • Standups.io: For remote workers, asynchronous is an easier and more efficient way to communicate. Standups.io gives you the ability to have daily asynchronous standups. And communication, in remote teams, is vital.

Pay the team

Payment, Finance, Expenses
  • Payoneer: Remote workers need to be paid, on time. And because we don’t want to worry about payments, and prefer to focus on what really matters, we let the experts in global payments handle that for us. So should you.