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Weekly Reviews of Remote Work Tools #1


I spent the last five years in a remote-first company. In this blog series, I’m going to review five new remote work tools on a weekly basis. These tools are the ones we’ll review out of curiosity, very few of them will make it to our winning remote work software stack.

Remote is a hot topic all around the world, naturally, startup founders are building new tech non-stop for grabbing a piece of the global remote work pie resulting in a massive growth in the remote work ecosystem.

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Remote Work Tools of the Week


Tandem is offering continuous sync communication for remote teams, providing instant messaging, audio calls, screen sharing, and activity stream for small teams. Its video communications engine is working surprisingly well for such a small company.

With rich integration options, Tandem can turn any business activity into a collaborative whiteboard experience in a small team.

Great usability, right approach… However, I have to mention that they are going to have to deal with the serious competition with their $10/month/active user price.


RemoteTeam is offering an all-in-one remote management suite, primarily for the US remote companies. This tool is offering payroll automation and automation of tax filing for both employers and employees.

Beyond payroll and regulatory compliance, they are offering a nice package of HR tools including time-offs, onboarding, and central file storage. They are charging $14.99/month/user.


PukkaTeam is a very interesting product for early-stage remote startups. Do you have a small crew trying to build an MVP, working on a very tight schedule? This might be a good choice for you.

A sense of togetherness is important for a remote team, especially if your crew members are working remotely for the first time in their careers. If Slack’s green dot is not enough for you, this tool can let everyone see each other and ping immediately knowing the person is online right now.

They are charging $7/month/user for their basic package for their unique sync&async communication tool.


Meetingbird’s Animated Logo

Useless, ASAP and boring meetings are poison. Just like many of you, I also hate nonsense meetings with no clear agenda, producing tons of questions and not any actionable items.

I also hate emails going back and forth between people actually working on the same project for just finding a good time to meet. Meetingbird is aiming to fix these problems for you. This can be a productivity superpower if you religiously follow the meeting rules. I personally suggest super short daily check-in chats for remote managers.

Meetingbird says their basic functions will be free forever and not charging anything at the moment. You might want to take a look.

Knowhow Logo


How do we submit x form? How do we do this and that… Knowhow is aiming for eliminating all these questions and time waste. I think they’re time-waste because they’ve been answered hundreds of times in an enterprise yet without clear guidelines and processes, every single 1:1 help attempt is very nice on a personal level but not even close to being a high leverage business activity.

Knowhow is offering a single source of truth for remote employees and managers. They are charging $10/month/user and I believe they need to offer more for this cost… Going rich with 3rd party integrations might be the key for them.

WorkRemote Watchlist

Telescoped Logo and Review

Telescoped has a unique approach to video communication, I can see it being used as an async video-mail or customer-facing lead generation form. It’s not open for public usage yet. I’m a big fan of any tech bringing audio and video closer to our daily lives.

Telescoped has a very small crew behind but I feel like something fun will come out their efforts.

Do you know a new tool solving a problem for remote workers or remote-first companies? Contact us here for getting it reviewed in the next episodes of this blog series.

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