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Weekly Reviews of Remote Work Tools #2


Those who follow weekly remote work tools reviews already know who I am. For new visitors; I’ve spent the last five years in a remote-first company. This review series is serving as a radar for new tools in the Remote Work niche.

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Remote Work Tools of the Week


YAC Logo

Yac is interesting for a couple of reasons, it is offering an async communication suite for remote teams. It is cross-platform and extremely easy to use. I believe the future of work is remote and the future of remote is async. You might want to give Yac a try, a super small team recently raised 1.5M.

Yac is free if you are willing to accept losing your audio messages after 30 days, its $5/month/user pricing for the premium usage is pretty competitive compared to many tools with similar functionalities.


Carrot is aiming for becoming a knowledge-centric team collaboration tool for remote teams. Meeting notes and process documents can be fun with Carrot, I specifically liked the “who saw this piece” feature bringing more accountability and transparency into remote work and remote team management.

I have to mention you’ll need to adopt the tool and advocate in your remote circles if you want to get the best out of it. Carrot is $5/month/user. Lower cost than many other team collab tools out there.


Specs and playbooks are essential for remote work at scale. Getting on the same page is one of the primary challenges of remote work. Collusion aiming to help small teams getting on the same page with its collaborative whiteboard features.

I must mention their $20/month/user is a little too much. Eliminating cultural differences is good and all but $20/month/user is simply too much for a remote startup. They are also offering a free package for public projects, I’ll assume they’ll end up having thousands of free users with very little conversion to paid.


Slite is offering a collaborative knowledge base for remote teams. They’re offering many integrations with other services holding tasks data. Having strong competitors like Notion and Airtable not sure if they can stay at a $6.67/user/month pricing level.


My first off-work, remote worker-friendly tool review is Sofa. Remote working is not easy, it’s definitely not taking a sip from your mojito next to a pool with your laptop as it’s pictured in Google image search. Remote working is an ass flattening experience so unplugging is equally important for your long-term performance. Sofa is aiming to help remote workers organize their off-work time and relax in a well-planned way.

I’ll try this service myself and suggest you try. Unplug yourself from work when you are not working, stop tracking tasks and performance from your mobile while you supposed to watch a nice movie on Netflix and relax.

Sofa is free and only available on iPhone for now. They might end up implementing content suggestions or premium accounts in the future.

WorkRemote Watchlist


Tonari was on my watchlist for some time now, due to tough hardware challenges of what they are trying to achieve, they’re moving a little slow.

Tonari is offering a real virtual presence experience and they seemed to be well educated about the market. In short, they’re offering an actual door in your office or home which opens to your remote team or company headquarters. While their off-work usage opportunity is exciting I’d like to see it in action before suggesting but it is definitely worth watching for remote team managers.

Do you know a new tool solving a problem for remote workers or remote-first companies? Contact us here for getting it reviewed in the next episodes of this blog series.

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