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Weekly Reviews of Remote Work Tools #3


Those who follow weekly remote work tools reviews already know who I am. For new visitors; I’ve spent the last five years in a remote-first company, where I contributed to every aspect of growth from 200 full-time remote workers to over 4000 in five years. This review series is serving as a radar for new tools in the Remote Work niche.

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Remote Work Tools of the Week


calendly logo

Once a remote company grows over 100 headcounts, meetings can start to get tricky. Exchanging more than 4-5 emails -only for setting a 30 mins meeting- is a waste of time. Calendly is a great solution for getting everyone on the same page. Do you have something to discuss with John, which requires more time and focus than a Mattermost or a Sococo message? Go check his Calendly page and schedule a meeting within a timeslot that works for him. You don’t need to ask if it works for him.

It also works great for medical professionals, freelancers, people who are billing per hour and it’s been around for some time now… If you haven’t already tried, you should. They have a useful free package and charging $8/month/user for premium features. I think it’s worth it.


ntile logo

Ntile is a simple decision and task management platform where you can organize tables, tasks, and processes in it. Not as flexible as Notion by design but has a very rich solution library for new users so you can kick-start your process with a single click. Ntile has native Russian language support across the board which is kind of unique in its product category.

Ntile has a free package, it is charging $8/user/month for advanced features, also has an unlimited package charging $16/user/month.


teamworki logo

Teamworki is trying to add value to remote meetings. It’s a place where you can track the morale of your team after running 1:1 or group meetings. It allows you to address the concerns in an organized way. In a way, it lets you make decisions in a collaborative way. Proper usage of this tool would definitely help employee retention in a remote working company.

Is Teamworki the solution for the isolating effect of remote work? Might be. It depends on their future integrations. The value they’re offering can only be justified with 3rd party integrations IMHO.

They are currently on a beta stage so we don’t have pricing information.

Edit – CEO of Teamworki, Diego pinged me on Linkedin, here’s his message:

“Our product is currently free, and will remain free on its basic tier. We’ll launch a Pro (paid) edition in July with advanced analytics and more machine learning, as well as more 3rd party integrations (Slack is the most recent one, already available for all users)”


elin logo

Elin is one of the most interesting AI startups I’ve seen recently. They are aiming for mining slack conversations of your company and update you with a rich data set. They can provide Engagement, Collaboration, Mood, Impact, and Wellbeing related data about your fellow team members.

I haven’t tested it yet due to not using Slack for over a year now if you do, you might want to take a look at it. I’m a big fan of passive learning tools in any vertical. I’d love to hear more about the usage of Elin and the impact of its data on performance metrics in a remote team.

Elin is free for up to 50 users, for more, they have $100/month and $200/month packages.


jell logo

Jell is a goal-tracking platform supported by daily standups and OKRs. Business legend Andy Grove is considered to be the father of Objectives and Key Results framework. Jell is a well-designed simple tool for staying on the same page for remote teams. Jell is integrated with Slack and Microsoft Teams.

They don’t have a free package but they’re offering a free trial. In order to have multiple private rooms, you’ll have to pay $8/user/month. Its pricing is leaving a question mark for the value they’re offering. So if you have a remote team and concerned with the team focus on what really matters, you might want to give it a try.

WorkRemote Watchlist


TeamHub Logo

TeamHub is an innovative tool removing the barriers of remote work for software engineers. It’s taking an existing codebase on your IDE and turning it into a collaborative workspace. It’s a tool designed by software developers for software developers.

I can imagine pair programming getting 10x more fun with TeamHub, it is still under development so it goes to my watchlist. Are you coding with at least one or more colleagues? You might want to try this.

Do you know a new tool solving a problem for remote workers or remote-first companies? Contact us here for getting it reviewed in the next episodes of this blog series.

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