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Weekly Reviews of Remote Work Tools #4


I spent the last five years as a full-time remote manager in a remote-first company. During this period, I’ve tried hundreds of remote work tools to optimize my remote working performance. Previously, these reviews were private emails going back and forth between Andy and me. Recently we decided to share my reviews with the WorkRemote community on a weekly basis.

This content series serves as a radar for new and interesting tools for remote teams.

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Remote Work Tools of the Week


Unremot Logo

UnRemot is a new virtual presence and team collaboration tool which gives remote managers more access to remote team members. Some may not like the one-click video communication features it has, but I believe it can be ideal for small teams and remote startups.

Since UnRemot is taking baby steps, there is no pricing information available on their website so I can’t make a price/benefit analysis. I encourage you to try this cute tool especially if you have a small team with synchronous communication needs.


Pragli Logo

Pragli is a well-designed virtual office/communication/presence tool which allows multiple screen sharing in group meetings.

I liked the way they are offering a lot more than Slack’s green dot. You can instantly see which team members are actively working and jump on a quick call. A good combination of sync and async communication features.

Here’s the best part, Pragli is free during open beta with a free-forever commitment, they might add paid packages going forward.


Playgroup might be a good choice for those who are sick and tired of hundreds of Slack messages and notifications. It offers a unique way of getting on the same page with your remote team members. You can pick topics and choose the frequency of updates you are going to receive about them.

They are offering a 7-day free trial and then charging $8/user/month. I’m not sure about the pricing compared to similar tools but still, I’d give it a try only for the async and organized communication features it is offering.


Virbela Logo

This is one of the most interesting tools I’ve reviewed so far, bringing MMO gaming experience to remote work and offering a whole new 3d world for remote teams.

I took a quick walk into their public virtual world but I need a team usage for getting the best out of this tool. I liked the way they designed audio communication features and shared browser screens attached to meeting rooms and virtual TVs. It is offering a real office feeling, but I’m not sure if I want that after five years of full-time remote working.

You can always hang out in their open-world for free but you’ll have to pay $200/month if you want to have your own private company office.

WorkRemote Watchlist


Dashdash is aiming for connecting publicly available data on the web with spreadsheets. Imagine, wouldn’t it be great if you could only write a formula like =CrunchbaseCompanies() and get all the available fields required for your analysis?

I’d say Dashdash is where API data meets spreadsheets without coding and manual data work. This tool has potential that’s why I’m going to add it to my watchlist. They are planning to charge based on queries and data usage which makes sense.

WorkRemote How-to Series

Do you know a new tool solving a problem for remote workers or remote-first companies? Contact us here for getting it reviewed in the next episodes of this blog series.

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